domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Stop following is not Stop next

Dear Blogger developers;

"Stop following" doesn't mean "Stop next".
Your spanish translation of Followers-widget is a little erroneous.

Can we fix it?

Oh, yes I can! Thanks to jQuery!

"Dejar de seguir" or "Parar seguimiento" are right translations.

Here is the result:

Webmasters, do you also want to patch this?

I have a workaround in Javascript using jQuery and livequery libraries.
Here is an extract of "otroblog.js":

    $(function() {   
    function translate(este, tag, que, por) {
        lobuscado = tag + ":contains('" + que + "')";
        este.find( lobuscado ).each(function(i) {
            var $this = $(this);
            //alert("encontrado " + lobuscado);
            var expresion = new RegExp(que, "g");
            $this.html( $this.html().replace( expresion, por)).css({"padding": "0"});

    ('#Followers1-wrapper').livequery(function() {
        translate ( $(this), 'a', 'Parar siguiente', 'Dejar de seguir' );

 Smart, isn't it? :-)

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